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Friday, 03 September 2021 10:22

Press Release - Cambridge News

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Press release from the Cambridge News.
International Day of the African Child 2021.

Over 200 underprivileged children including Internally Displaced Persons have received school needs donated by one NGO called, Bisong Foundation in collaboration with the ministry of Social Affairs. This was on the occasion of this year’s edition of the International Day of the Child in Mbouda with calls to protect and promote Children’s Right’s especially the right to education.

Children in the Bamboutos Division face various forms of abuse including physical, emotional, sexual as well as parental neglect but in access to quality education, remain one of the greatest challenge. The Bmaboutos Divisional Delegate for Social Affairs, Solange GNOUPEYOU said such disturbing issues can only be fully addressed through a concerted action. The Bisong Foundation through the Co-Founder, Hortence MANTO BISONG, Godmother of the underprivileged children responded positively to her call by donating school needs and financial assistance to over 200 primary and secondary school children including Internally Displaced Persons.

Beneficiaries joined administrative, municipal and religious officials to hail the Bisong Foundation for their countless humanitarian actions in support of the underprivileged, saying it is a veritable example of participatory development. The children received acclaim for a range of stage performances during celebrations to mark the International Day of the African Child in the Bamboutos division.

By Kelvin Nembo Njuhsop
Wednesday, 01 September 2021 17:56

Multi-Media Centre Goes Operational

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The Bisong Foundation has set up an ultramodern multimedia centre for the underprivileged.

The Center is situated in Mbouda Town, West region of Cameroon. The Founder, Mr Michael Bisong says, the centre will serve as a veritable tool to help bridge the digital divide in Cameroon. Many people who do not have the means to access such facilities will be able to do so free of charge.

The staff are now busy teaching both adults and young people, the basics of Information and Communication Technology skills. Most of the beneficiaries are from the majority English-speaking regions of Cameroon; where reports from the UN shows that around 530,000 people have fled their homes due to the ongoing crisis which broke out in 2016.

At the end of the training, the first batch will receive end-of-course attestations and financial support from the Bisong Foundation to start a business of their own. The Bisong Foundation would have contributed in her own way in combating youth unemployment in Cameroon which is said to be one of the factors responsible for irregular migration. The center is equipped with over 10 desktop computers, automatic laser printing machines, scanners, Heat Press T-shirt and mug printing machines amongst, others is now fully operational.

By Junior Levi

President - Bisong Foundation West
The Bisong Foundation has organized zoom and call sessions with a wide range of isolated and lonely people living mainly in black and minority sections of Cambridgeshire. We had recruited more than 20 volunteers who had helped organized weekly zoom sessions with more than 100 residents who live lonely lives either because their partners have passed away or are old and isolated couple.

We have been able to help these isolated/lonely people find friends, communicate and feel less lonely during the lockdown times. During our zoom sessions, participants who wanted to keep contact with others were encouraged to exchange contact numbers and call each after the sessions. Most of our beneficiaries were from black and minority communities however, we accepted and encouraged all those were willing to join our online community of friends to do so.

We had developed this new project to fight the isolation and loneliness that the COVID 19 Pandemic and numerous lockdowns had forced on people. According to research, many people have experienced mental issues because of their inability to interact with others. By using the power of the internet and phone calls, we were able to reduce those avoidable problems through our project.

Each of our zoom sessions had brought at least 60 people to talk, laugh, connect and share stories with each other as well play quiz which they really enjoyed. We were able to help people built new relationships and created new friends who they may never have met otherwise. By carrying out this project, and helping people to build relationships in and across communities, we ultimately helped reduced isolation and loneliness.

According to one of the volunteers “by taking part in this project, I can confirm it has been a healthy boast of my self-esteem and has giving me a real-life satisfaction and natural sense of achievement”. “thank you Bisong Foundation for giving me the chance to try something new, meet people, be part of the community, learn new skills, make a difference, have fun and take on a new challenge giving that this was a new project” says another volunteer.

We are grateful to the Government funding and The National Lottery Community Fund for making this possible.

By William Nzognou

Pease visit our website: www.bisongfoundation.org.uk and our YouTube channel: Bisong Foundation for more information regarding our work.
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