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About The Founder

Michael went through some form of hardship growing up because his parents struggled to meet basic living costs.  Access to quality education and health care were beyond reach. He was not able to go to school because his parents could not afford to pay for his school fees until his uncle registered him in a school where he started his education.

He is aware that poor children like he was can only reach their full potential when a champion leads them there and he is doing just that by ensuring that orphans acquires quality education.

His moto is “quality education is the key to a bright future and any child who does not have the access to such education will unfortunately spend the rest of their life in perpetual darkness”.

Michael and Hortence are finding the lost diamonds in the rubble and digging them up, championing their cause, and pushing the doors open for them just as his uncle did to him. They are offering quality education to orphans by paying their school fees and providing them with all necessary school material.
They are also providing food, medication and meeting all their basic health care needs. They are obviously proud of their work.

Michael grew up playing football in the streets of his home town. He represented Cameroon in the junior levels and played semi-professional football in Europe. He played alongside Cameroon legends Rigobert Song, Marc Vivian Foe (who dropped dead in Paris during an international competition in 2002), and Bernard Tchoutang. The latter three proceeded to the senior team.

Michael is currently working as a Senior Social Worker in the United Kingdom as injury cut short his brilliant football career.

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