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Ensuring Quality Education for All - Bisong Foundation again assist students affected by the Anglophone crisis.

Since the outbreak of the crisis that began in late 2016 before turning into an armed conflict in 2017, more than half a million people have fled; to either French-speaking regions or neighboring Nigeria, according to the U.N. Among this category of people are thousands of school going children who have been denied the right to education. It is under this backdrop that the Bisong Foundation last October 2020 decided not only to help some of these children with tuition fees but equally provide them with all basic school items that will enable them pursue their education like all other students.

Over one hundred of them, presently studying at Unity Comprehensive College in Mbouda, chief town of the Bamboutos division, West Region of Cameroon received text books, exercise books, pens, pencils and rulers from the Bisong Foundation during a ceremony attended by the entire staff of the institution. Levy DJIONGO, the representative of Michael Bisong, founder of the humanitarian organization, enjoined the beneficiaries to make good use of the gifts; enjoined them to embrace education whole heartedly because it is the best preparation for future challenges. He assured them that the Bisong Foundation will always be there to support them, anywhere, anyhow. The principal and the entire staff of Unity Comprehensive College Mbouda joined the beneficiaries who could be seen putting on a happy face, visibly satisfied with their new textbooks and exercise books whose parents couldn’t afford due to hardship expressed their profound gratitude to the Bisong Foundation for the laudable initiative. This is not the first time the Bisong Foundation is donating school needs to underprivileged children. In 2017 some members of the Foundation were dispatched to Cameroon’s economic capital Douala to distribute basic school needs to students and pupils who fled violence from the tow English speaking regions.

By Njoh Yunga

Western Province.
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