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Youth Entrepreneurship - Bisong foundation to help provide young girls and women with tailoring training in 2021.

The founders of the humanitarian organisation which is spearheaded by Cameroonian-borne Michael Bisong, have taken the resolve to help young people in Cameroon; especially women and adolescent girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds by providing free tailoring training. To ensure the success of this project, the Bisong Foundation is working in unison with one professional institution of learning in the West Region of Cameroon, Unity Comprehensive College whose school officials have already provided a suitable training facility.

All the necessary equipment for the tailoring training centre such as sewing tools, dressing cutting and pressing tools, fabric measuring tools amongst others have already been purchased by the Bisong Foundation. The officials of Unity Comprehensive College will provide trainers. The centre that will be officially launched come early January 2021 will open its doors for all the underprivileged women and girls especially those who fled violence in the rested North West and South West Regions of Cameroon to settle in neighboring towns like, Babadjou, Mbouda and Galim. At the end of the training, the Bisong Foundation, whose greatest ambition is to help transform this particular group of people from job seekers to job makers will provide outstanding trainees with new sewing machines and financial assistance that will enable them open their own tailoring workshops. By so doing, curb youth unemployment. The population of Mbouda, headquarters of the Bamboutos division have praised the Bisong Foundation for the initiative to permit these young girls and women to be able to receive an in-depth professional training with high tech sewing machines, skills that will help them to be self-employed, help themselves and their families.

This humanitarian initiative by the Bisong foundation is considered by many as a perfect example of participatory development others should emulate they say especially at a time when the government of Cameroon has organised election of regional councillors to help speed up the decentralisation process by associating the population in local governance.

By Marcellin Wambo. Coordinator of the Western Province.
Last modified on Wednesday, 01 September 2021 19:12
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