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KitAid donates Football kits to Bisong Football Academy.

The Bisong Football Academy created in 2020 by Michael Bisong, Cameroon Former International player for the Junior National Team have received an important donation from KitAid UK, a charity founded by Derrick Williams MBE in 1998, to provide kits and equipment to those who do not have access to resources across Africa and the developing world.

Sets of Jerseys and track suits have been distributed to players and staff of the Academy in Cameroon who until now didn't have enough Jerseys talk less of tracksuits. The Founder, the Management team, the head coach and players of the Bisong Football Academy, have all expressed their immense gratitude to Kitaid UK for the timely gesture.

Shortly after the distribution of the football kits at the academy's head office in Mbouda, in the West region of Cameroon, the players and officials left for Bandjoun town to play a friendly match against the junior team of a popular First Division club, Feutcheu FC. Bisong Academy won the game 4-1.

By Kelvin Nembo Njuhsop, Mbouda-Cameroon.

For Communication.
Bisong Foundation partners with one vocational institute to provide underprivileged girls and women in Cameroon with tailoring training.

By Kelvin Nembo Njuhsop, Mbouda-Cameroon.

It is a dream come true for hundreds of underprivileged young girls and women in Mbouda, a border town to the Northwest and Southwest regions of Cameroon, where civil unrest that began in 2016 has caused thousands to flee and settled, though under precarious conditions. The Bisong Foundation has taken the resolve to ensure they all enjoy the right to education just like their peers in the West region where there is relative peace.

To achieve this objective, the Humanitarian foundation recently signed a partnership agreement with Unity Comprehensive College whose school officials represented by Mr. DONGMO Levis have already provided a suitable training facility where hundreds of underprivileged girls and women are currently receiving tailoring training. Just that they didn’t have industrial sewing machines to ease learning. It is under this backdrop that the Bisong Foundation provided the institution with 10 industrial machines.

During the handing over ceremony marked by a series of stage performances, one of the trainers, NGORAN Mathilda praised the Bisong foundation and the founder, Michael Bisong for the humanitarian gesture saying; this donation is very timely, we have been in dire need of such state-of-the-art equipment to impart knowledge to these underprivileged persons including IDPs and you came in as our messiah. We promise to make good use of it, she concluded, putting on a smiling face.

The Coordinator of the West regional chapter of the Bisong Foundation, Mr. WAMBO Marcellin seized the occasion to passed across a strong message from the founder, Michael Bisong. He told the beneficiaries that, ‘Mr. Michael Bisong has sent me to give you these industrial machines which will facilitate your studies. He said, you should make the best out of these gifts, embrace education wholeheartedly and be responsible youths, ambassadors of peace. The future of Cameroon and Africa lies in your hands.

The head of each group of trainees received one industrial machine from the hands of the members of the Bisong Humanitarian Foundation. Some of the beneficiaries include AWAH Clarissa ATEH, CHENDJOU Orchelle, MBOU Megane, NKONGNI Pascaline just to name a few. Their joy was immeasurable. They have all expressed their immense gratitude to their benefactor promising to work harder. After receiving the machines, they unanimously echoed this message, thank you Bisong Foundation, we shall not fail you.

The trainees were made to understand that at the end of their training, the Bisong Foundation, whose greatest ambition is to help transform these particular group of people from job seekers to job makers will provide outstanding trainees with new sewing machines and financial assistance to help them open their own workshops in a bid to be self-reliant. The population of Mbouda, the headquarters of the Bamboutos division have praised the Bisong Foundation together with their partners for the initiative that will permit hundreds of adolescent girls and women to be able to receive in-depth professional training with high tech sewing machines.
Press release from the Cambridge News.
International Day of the African Child 2021.

Over 200 underprivileged children including Internally Displaced Persons have received school needs donated by one NGO called, Bisong Foundation in collaboration with the ministry of Social Affairs. This was on the occasion of this year’s edition of the International Day of the Child in Mbouda with calls to protect and promote Children’s Right’s especially the right to education.

Children in the Bamboutos Division face various forms of abuse including physical, emotional, sexual as well as parental neglect but in access to quality education, remain one of the greatest challenge. The Bmaboutos Divisional Delegate for Social Affairs, Solange GNOUPEYOU said such disturbing issues can only be fully addressed through a concerted action. The Bisong Foundation through the Co-Founder, Hortence MANTO BISONG, Godmother of the underprivileged children responded positively to her call by donating school needs and financial assistance to over 200 primary and secondary school children including Internally Displaced Persons.

Beneficiaries joined administrative, municipal and religious officials to hail the Bisong Foundation for their countless humanitarian actions in support of the underprivileged, saying it is a veritable example of participatory development. The children received acclaim for a range of stage performances during celebrations to mark the International Day of the African Child in the Bamboutos division.

By Kelvin Nembo Njuhsop
The Bisong Foundation has set up an ultramodern multimedia centre for the underprivileged.

The Center is situated in Mbouda Town, West region of Cameroon. The Founder, Mr Michael Bisong says, the centre will serve as a veritable tool to help bridge the digital divide in Cameroon. Many people who do not have the means to access such facilities will be able to do so free of charge.

The staff are now busy teaching both adults and young people, the basics of Information and Communication Technology skills. Most of the beneficiaries are from the majority English-speaking regions of Cameroon; where reports from the UN shows that around 530,000 people have fled their homes due to the ongoing crisis which broke out in 2016.

At the end of the training, the first batch will receive end-of-course attestations and financial support from the Bisong Foundation to start a business of their own. The Bisong Foundation would have contributed in her own way in combating youth unemployment in Cameroon which is said to be one of the factors responsible for irregular migration. The center is equipped with over 10 desktop computers, automatic laser printing machines, scanners, Heat Press T-shirt and mug printing machines amongst, others is now fully operational.

By Junior Levi

President - Bisong Foundation West
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Fri, Oct 2, 2020 at 1:58 PM Hello Bisong Foundation,

I have attached a letter that Glenda, one of our nurses has made to thank you for your donation to our clinic.

Thank you ever so much for your time, educating us about your foundation, and bringing your positive energy to our clinic during a time like this.

We all wish you the best, and are very thankful and appreciative of you all and your hard work.

Alweena Chand


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Michael Bisong Dear Alweena, Thank you for your amazing feedback. It was a pleasure for us to put smiles on your faces and that of the patients by providing the washable face masks. Thanks Michael Sent from Yahoo Mail for iPhone Sun, Oct 4, 2020 at 7:16 PM

Alweena Chand Hello Michael, You are very welcome, it was a pleasure having you here. Hope you are well today. Best wishes. Alweena Chand Administrator Adult & Specialist Community Admin Hub Pathways Centre / Clozapine Clinic Tele: 01223 227500 Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Postal address: 128-130 Tenison Road, Cambridge, CB1 2DP Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust HQ: Elizabeth House, Fulbourn Hospital, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5EF CPFT supports the HeadtoToe Charity – visit www.headtotoecharity.or Mon, Oct 5, 2020 at 10:42 AM

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Dear Bisong Foundation, We would like to thank you for the very kind and generous donation of face masks for our patients in the Cambridge Clozapine Clinic. During this difficult time of the pandemic it has been particularly hard for many of our patients who have been unable to go out, are on a low income and are alone. Your donation of face masks has enabled us to help those people maintain their safety, feel more able to go out and to feel more cared for. With our thanks and best wishes for your charity

Yours Sincerely,

Glenda Harrison

Community Psychiatric Nurse

Cambridge Clozapine Clinic

Dear Friends,

We are just writing to say thank you so much for the very kind donation of face coverings donated to Jimmy's. We very much appreciate your help and support in keeping our residents safe during this time.

Best wishes, Sara

Sara Dunn

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The Bisong Foundation has organized zoom and call sessions with a wide range of isolated and lonely people living mainly in black and minority sections of Cambridgeshire. We had recruited more than 20 volunteers who had helped organized weekly zoom sessions with more than 100 residents who live lonely lives either because their partners have passed away or are old and isolated couple.

We have been able to help these isolated/lonely people find friends, communicate and feel less lonely during the lockdown times. During our zoom sessions, participants who wanted to keep contact with others were encouraged to exchange contact numbers and call each after the sessions. Most of our beneficiaries were from black and minority communities however, we accepted and encouraged all those were willing to join our online community of friends to do so.

We had developed this new project to fight the isolation and loneliness that the COVID 19 Pandemic and numerous lockdowns had forced on people. According to research, many people have experienced mental issues because of their inability to interact with others. By using the power of the internet and phone calls, we were able to reduce those avoidable problems through our project.

Each of our zoom sessions had brought at least 60 people to talk, laugh, connect and share stories with each other as well play quiz which they really enjoyed. We were able to help people built new relationships and created new friends who they may never have met otherwise. By carrying out this project, and helping people to build relationships in and across communities, we ultimately helped reduced isolation and loneliness.

According to one of the volunteers “by taking part in this project, I can confirm it has been a healthy boast of my self-esteem and has giving me a real-life satisfaction and natural sense of achievement”. “thank you Bisong Foundation for giving me the chance to try something new, meet people, be part of the community, learn new skills, make a difference, have fun and take on a new challenge giving that this was a new project” says another volunteer.

We are grateful to the Government funding and The National Lottery Community Fund for making this possible.

By William Nzognou

Pease visit our website: www.bisongfoundation.org.uk and our YouTube channel: Bisong Foundation for more information regarding our work.
By Michael Bisong (Founder)

It was a privilege for me to have braved the COVID-19 situation and be able to be present at the Good Samaritan Orphanage in Babate - Cameroon this December 2020 to honour our commitment to the orphans. We have ensured over the years that we visit the orphanage twice a year and we have irrefutably visited every August and December.

In August: during these visits, we have prepared the children for the next school academic year by paying their school fees, offering all school items and providing food, medication and all basic healthcare needs.

In December: during these visits, we have ensured we celebrate the end of year festivities with the children and their carers by setting up a Christmas tree and providing all food items, all breakfast items, medication, clothes, toys and meeting their basic healthcare needs.

Although the year has been exceedingly difficult with the emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic, we have ensured we continue to carry out our duty of meeting the children’s needs by travelling to Cameroon and making the necessary donations. The Directress of the Orphanage, the Bamboutos divisional delegate for Social affairs, Solange Ngnoupeyou and others present joined the kids to express their immense gratitude to our continued support especially during this extra-ordinary difficult times presented by the COVID-19 Pandemic.

Videos are on Bisong Foundation YouTube Channel.
Since the outbreak of the crisis that began in late 2016 before turning into an armed conflict in 2017, more than half a million people have fled; to either French-speaking regions or neighboring Nigeria, according to the U.N. Among this category of people are thousands of school going children who have been denied the right to education. It is under this backdrop that the Bisong Foundation last October 2020 decided not only to help some of these children with tuition fees but equally provide them with all basic school items that will enable them pursue their education like all other students.

Over one hundred of them, presently studying at Unity Comprehensive College in Mbouda, chief town of the Bamboutos division, West Region of Cameroon received text books, exercise books, pens, pencils and rulers from the Bisong Foundation during a ceremony attended by the entire staff of the institution. Levy DJIONGO, the representative of Michael Bisong, founder of the humanitarian organization, enjoined the beneficiaries to make good use of the gifts; enjoined them to embrace education whole heartedly because it is the best preparation for future challenges. He assured them that the Bisong Foundation will always be there to support them, anywhere, anyhow. The principal and the entire staff of Unity Comprehensive College Mbouda joined the beneficiaries who could be seen putting on a happy face, visibly satisfied with their new textbooks and exercise books whose parents couldn’t afford due to hardship expressed their profound gratitude to the Bisong Foundation for the laudable initiative. This is not the first time the Bisong Foundation is donating school needs to underprivileged children. In 2017 some members of the Foundation were dispatched to Cameroon’s economic capital Douala to distribute basic school needs to students and pupils who fled violence from the tow English speaking regions.

By Njoh Yunga

Western Province.
The founders of the humanitarian organisation which is spearheaded by Cameroonian-borne Michael Bisong, have taken the resolve to help young people in Cameroon; especially women and adolescent girls from economically disadvantaged backgrounds by providing free tailoring training. To ensure the success of this project, the Bisong Foundation is working in unison with one professional institution of learning in the West Region of Cameroon, Unity Comprehensive College whose school officials have already provided a suitable training facility.

All the necessary equipment for the tailoring training centre such as sewing tools, dressing cutting and pressing tools, fabric measuring tools amongst others have already been purchased by the Bisong Foundation. The officials of Unity Comprehensive College will provide trainers. The centre that will be officially launched come early January 2021 will open its doors for all the underprivileged women and girls especially those who fled violence in the rested North West and South West Regions of Cameroon to settle in neighboring towns like, Babadjou, Mbouda and Galim. At the end of the training, the Bisong Foundation, whose greatest ambition is to help transform this particular group of people from job seekers to job makers will provide outstanding trainees with new sewing machines and financial assistance that will enable them open their own tailoring workshops. By so doing, curb youth unemployment. The population of Mbouda, headquarters of the Bamboutos division have praised the Bisong Foundation for the initiative to permit these young girls and women to be able to receive an in-depth professional training with high tech sewing machines, skills that will help them to be self-employed, help themselves and their families.

This humanitarian initiative by the Bisong foundation is considered by many as a perfect example of participatory development others should emulate they say especially at a time when the government of Cameroon has organised election of regional councillors to help speed up the decentralisation process by associating the population in local governance.

By Marcellin Wambo. Coordinator of the Western Province.
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