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Village Fete

Bisong Foundation took part at the Papworth Everard Village Fete that took place from 10 June 2017 – 11 June 2017 at the Chequers Lane playing fields in Papworth Everard. The Fete was organised by the Papworth Everard Parish Council.

Our aim to take part in this fete was to raise funds that will help to reduce the impact of poverty on orphans, young people and families we support in Cameroon. We feel that poverty is an issue that we see affecting orphans and families in most of the work we do. We believe it is outrageous that individuals should suffer the consequences of poverty.

Our aim was also to raise awareness of the causes and services of Bisong Foundation.

Funds were raised through BBQ, food and drinks sale. These funds would be used to provide food, clothing and medication to those living in hardship. Funds will also be used to offer scholarships to orphans with the aim of enabling them to acquire education.

We met a lot of generous people and members of other charity organisations. They were highly interested in the work we do and promised to support our work through donations.
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