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Bisong Foundation present donations/school items to IDPs children in Douala - Cameroon



Bisong Foundation a well organised and recognised charity once again stretched out it's arm to the less privileged as it has always done. This time around, taking into consideration the Anglophone crisis in Cameroon which have led many individuals including children to wander off their path. Bisong Foundation in the Littoral Region moved with love and compassion, decided to come to these children's aid. After carrying out several enquiries in different primary schools, GEPPS Bonamoussadi Douala was chosen because of the numerous Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in this school. The visit that was programmed to take place in September 2019 before the start of the school academic year 2019/2020 did not go ahead as planned due to administrative program of the school. Nevertheless, the Delegation of Secondary Education finally issued an authorisation letter that allowed us to visit the school on 7th November 2019.


On 7th November 2019, all members were dressed in the Bisong Foundation regalia that made the group looked presentable and organised. The group arrived the school premises at 10.00 AM and went to the administrative department with the wonderful gifts which included; cartoons of books, packets of different kinds of well-designed high quality pens and pencils, packets of erasers, quality rulers, quality packets of mathematical sets, good quality schools bags, water bottles, packets of colours and counters etc. for the beneficiaries.


About 15 - 20 minutes later, the school bell rang, and each class teacher was asked to send out the children which they did and the children were asked to line up according to their classes. The Head teacher gave a welcome speech and explained the reason of our visit. The children were so excited when they saw the mass of gifts we had brought. This was followed by so much noise as they were curious to know the contents of the gifts. The Head teacher encouraged the children by informing them that it is because they are particularly important that is why Bisong Foundation have decided to visit and present them with all the amazing gifts. She went further to encourage the children to continue to study hard knowing that they have Bisong Foundation to provide additional support to them. 


The gifts were presented to the children as they were marvelled and many of them presented some side comments such as; "oh my God I have never seen such nice pens and pencils in my life" one other said "this kind of maths set are definitely not found in Cameroon", one other said "I will never put my school bag or water bottle on the floor". Honestly speaking, the children made so many side comments out of excitement and we could clearly see joy on their faces as they did not cease to say thank you to us. All the children that came out from their classes received our gifts. All staff were happy and on behalf of the school and Delegate of Secondary education, the Head teacher thanked the foundation for it's generosity. As the children walked back to their classes with shouts of joy, we left the school premises with great joy because once again we had fulfilled the heartbeat of Bisong Foundation by putting smiles on the faces of the under privileged. Many thanks go to the founders in the United Kingdom because this donations would not have been possible without their financial and material support.  


More details can be seen in the videos on YouTube (Bisong Foundation).  

By Patricia Mantam.

Douala Coordination.



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